Mattresses - Bio Latex Line    


Advanced series of classes designed for people looking for a beneficial sleep combined with the advantages of natural latex. The series consists of 2 layers each is a separate and special suggestion and solution.




Mattress Bio Latex Deluxe    

bio-latex deluxe-sm

• 100% latex with 7 differentiated zones
• Anatomic
• Silver Plus fabric
• Total height 20cm
• Medium
  90x200 : 471€
160x200 : 783€    

Available in all sizes


Mattress Bio Latex Superb    

bio-latex superb-sm


100% latex with 7 differentiated zones
• 3D Space Side ventilation face
• Anatomic
• Περιμετρική φάσα αερισμού 3D Space
• Silver Life fabric
• Total height 20cm
• Medium
  90x200 : 618€
160x200 : 1.006€    

Available in all sizes

 The colouring of the sublayers in the inside of our mattress is indicative and any difference with the delivered product does not affect the quality and the characteristics - The fabricated covers of our mattress as well as their design can be changed without warning but by having only in mind the improvement of the quality.